Justin Bieber announced he's done taking pics

Written by Jessica Lunan

Beliebers' across the globe are desperately asking what do you mean? After Justin Bieber announced he’s done taking photos with fans.

Justin Beiber smiling with glasses

If you happen to run into Justin Bieber when you’re out and about, you will be disappointed (or perhaps not) to find out that the mega star will no longer be taking pictures with fans.

Taking to Instagram to express his #feels, there was not a sorry in sight when Bieber stated that he feels like a “zoo animal” when asked for photos, and that fans “don’t even say hi”.


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Earlier this year Bieber announced that he was cancelling his world tour's meet-and-greets due to them making him feel "unhappy and drained". We can't help but wonder if the fame game is finally getting to him.

However, while Biebers' questionable behaviour often gives him a bad rap, we understand that the constant spotlight would get exhausting.

The announcement came just hours after the news of ex flame; Selena Gomez was spotted getting a little too close for comfort with Biebers' nemesis Orlando Bloom.

Could this be a way for Bieber to vent his Selena and Orlando frustrations?