Insta of Selena Gomez's derriere has been deleted

Written by Jessica Lunan

What is going on in Selena’s world!?

So, it has certainly been a crazy few days for Selena Gomez. First of all, she was spotted going against all #GirlCode and making out with Bella Hadid’s ex, The Weekend. And now a cheeky BTS photo of Gomez wearing nothing but a gold G-string and a towel covering her chest is circling around the internet.

The pic was taken and shared on Mert Alas Instagram, AKA Kim Kardashian’s fave photographer of all time. But what’s strange is that the pic has now been deleted from his Instagram page!

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What’s even weirder about the pic (besides Gomez staring at herself seductively with Alas #creepin in the background), is that Alas then proceeded to tag The Weekend in the comments. Talk about drama!

We’re left wondering what the hell is going on with Gomez, or even with Alas? Why has the picture been deleted?

Our theory is that he’s been on the prowl for extra stardom and thanks to Gomez's recent rise in the media because of that smooch, he felt like it was his opportunity. Yet why was it taken down? Was it because Gomez hadn’t approved? We may never know.

What is going on in Selena’s world!?

But all the we know is that we’re living for the drama!