Rihanna's outrageous green outfits

Rihanna steps out in two, questionable, green ensembles.

In the past few days, our eyes have been subjected to not just one, but two, show stopping Rihanna outfits. Green, being the colour of choice poses us with one, blaringly obvious question: WHY?

We're all for going green, from our juices to our garbage, but our dresses? Not so much. Not only were they green, but quite curious in their designs to boot. The first, a sheer lace ensemble - yet another testament to her involvement in the Free the Nipple campaign. This was followed up with none other than a lime green tutu of sorts.


A photo posted by Rihanna Follows (@therih.up) on


A photo posted by Rihanna Follows (@therih.up) on

We really can't wrap our heads around why RiRi has made these quirky, style choices, but we can't deny the facts: if anyone can pull it off, it's her. She never fails to leave us green with envy at her unparalleled ability to rock just about any ensemble (remember last year's Met Gala disaster?), but it's safe to say that this is one trend we won't be trying any time soon.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis