Gigi Hadid goes nude for Vogue Paris and challenges new norm

It looks like Gigi Hadid has everyone talking again! The 20 year-old Californian model continues to take the fashion world by storm. Hadid has recently been photographed for Vogue Paris' latest issue and she has two covers for the one edition.

For a more modest cover, she is drowning in statement necklaces which has been paired with a Chanel tweed jacket. Vogue Paris took advantage of Hadid's natural beauty and lush locks by capturing her less naked with her hands strategically placed in front of her nether regions.


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Gigi took to Instagram to express her gratitude for the cover and its contributors, “What an honour and dream come true it is to be on the cover of French Vogue. Thank you so much @mertalas @emmanuellealt”.

Though for the second cover, she dons nothing but a pair of slip on pumps and bold accessories. Let's just say she leaves nothing to the imagination.


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Hadid is no stranger to displaying skin, having recently debuted in the Sexy Towel Series with her ex-beau, Cody Simpson, and her appearance in Stuart Weitzman's Spring 2016 campaign. Both photographs were slightly raunchy but nothing prepared us for this!


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Interestingly, being bare is starting to be a re-occuring trend within the fashion world. Harper's Bazaar recently released its January/February 2016 issue capturing Miranda Kerr completely nude. With these major fashion publications certainly changing the perception of fashion, it has spurred speculations as to the inspiration and motives behind these covers. Here at Fashion Weekly, we question where the fashion is? After all, this is what we are interested in.

There is no doubt that Hadid looks incredibly beautiful. However, as the fashion industry continues to push highly photoshopped images in-front of our eyes, it's near impossible to not desire an unrealistic body image. So, this controversially bare cover doesn't help.

Despite publications intending to inspire and motivate women through fashion, covers like these that display unachievable beauty can be extremely detrimental for body acceptance, especially within the younger demographic of women.

We wonder, when did posing completely bare for a fashion magazine become acceptable?

This spurs the underlying reasoning behind Vogue Paris releasing two covers. Does it make it less controversial by releasing a clothed Hadid and a bare Hadid?

When it comes to the French, they are recognised for carrying themselves in a confident and careless manner, whether clothed or nude. So is it because it is Vogue Paris that this is deemed socially acceptable?

We do admit Hadid, you do look great nude but for the sake of respecting the timeliness and class of fashion, we are voting for cover number 1!

Words: Claudine Blondeau