Demi Lovato poses near naked for Complex and talks body acceptance

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Demi Lovato has gone bare and stripped down like you've never seen her before! The Cool For Summer singer has embraced her sexy side and taken things to the next level with her cover for Complex Magazine.

It's clear for this shoot that Lovato has channeled her inner pinup girl. The daring cover has her posing in only electric blue, see-through underwear with animal print heels and a large inflatable banana. Wow!


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Apart from her bold lipstick and blood red nail polish, this stunner has also opened up about her old and new friendships and her views on body acceptance. Read on for our top 3 highlights.

On celebrity friendships:

I don’t really hang out with celebrities. I guess I do sometimes. I like Hailee Steinfeld. And Nick [Jonas]. But I don’t count Nick and Joe [Jonas] as celebrities. I’ve grown up with them. I’m not the type of person that’s on Instagram posting pictures of me and tons of my best friends. I have my core group, and they’re the type of people that will be there for me in the middle of the night. They’re the type of people that are like, “You’re being a bitch right now. Don’t talk to me that way,” and I’m like, “Whoa. Sorry. I didn’t realize it.” I don’t have anybody around me who kisses my ass.


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On her celebrity curve inspiration:

I’ve always said the Kardashians. When they came into the spotlight, they kind of revolutionized what beauty was when it came to body shapes. For so long, it was the heroin-chic ’90s supermodel thing, and I feel like, when the Kardashians came into the picture, people started to look at it because it was different. They were like, “You know what? That’s actually really beautiful.” From then, I noticed that Beyoncé was thicker, and Nicki Minaj is thicker. When I say thick—like when I call my thighs thick—I love it. I think it’s a good thing. Watching them really helped me learn to accept my body image, too. I’m not naturally super thin. I have an athletic body. I just have to embrace that. There are days when it’s hard to, but more and more, there are days where I’m actually proud of my body.


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On not being afraid of confrontation:

No. When I heard “Bitch Better Have My Money,” I was like, “Fuck yeah!” That’s why I love Rihanna so much. And Nicki Minaj, too. And Iggy. She wouldn’t be afraid to say anything. It’s those strong, confident women in the industry that really inspire me. Also, somebody who was a random inspiration for some of the songs on this album was Ronda Rousey. She’s a confident, strong woman, and she’s actually a friend of mine.

To read the full interview and see the rest of the photos, go to Complex.com.