Beyonce's new single ‘Formation’ is bold & politically charged

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Beyonce is back ....

In light of a quiet past year, Beyonce just gave the world life by releasing one of her most fierce and fabulous tracks yet. That’s right, ‘Formation’ is a politically charged single, which references real life moments that Bey is not afraid to address. Her statements are loud and bold and it’s clear that there’s a message she wants people to hear.

Once again, Beyonce has found a way to re-invent herself. Lyrically, her swagger is on point while she speaks directly to her haters and not so subtly brags about her wealth.

To know ones surprise, ‘Formation’ was tight lipped and launched with little warning. Simultaneously fans where informed by Instagram, her website and Tidal.

In no way is the music video or track indirect - as it fearlessly highlights controversial issues. There’s a focus on her history and family and a surprise appearance by her confident daughter, Blue Ivy.

What’s mostly empowering about the singles release is that Beyonce constantly stays true to her voice. She only releases music with a message.

There are obviously things that need to be said and she’s determined to say it.

Hopefully there’s a new album release on the horizon. Queen Bey’s fans are desperate for more!