Andy Lee's devistatingly shocking split

Written by Jessica Lunan

We’re not crying, you are!

Breaking news Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding have split. We are not crying, you are.

So far, 2016 definitely seems to be the year of our fave celebrity couples breaking up (who else is still recovering from the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split?) Now there’s a new celeb breakup that we totally weren’t ready for. Andy Lee and his insanely beautiful girlfriend, Rebecca Harding, have called it quits!


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Lee casually dropped the bombshell news on his radio show with comedic partner in crime, Hamish Blake, while discussing the gross phenomenon of ‘slugging’ (which is when your kissing someone and their tongue goes limp in your mouth...yep, sorry for that visual).

Lee stated that he no longer was at risk because he’s now single, and we were not prepared! I mean, just look at their cute couple photos from Harding’s Instagram.

"I am worried about you because you know that Bec and I broke up a little while ago and so she was the only one that was going to slug me," Lee told Blake on air, before stating that Blake could still fall victim with his amazing wife, Zoe Foster Blake.

And from that moment our hearts have shattered. Thanks for the emotional preparation, Andy!