Amy Schumer looks incredible on Vogue cover

Written by Jessica Lunan

American Vogue has just unveiled the cover for their July Issue, and we can’t contain our excitement!

Amy Schumer looks incredible in US Vogue cover

Possibly our favourite comedian ever, Amy Schumer, has just made her Vogue cover debut and she looks incredible!

Dressed in an elegant, red Dolce & Gabbana dress and laying on a lush field of grass, Schumer is a picture of perfection, flaunting the incredible curves that she’s become renowned for.

In her candid interview with Vogue, Schumer talks about her early life, losing her virginity at 17 and her notorious comedian career, from her Golden Globe nominated film, Trainwreck, to her binge-worthy TV series, Inside Amy Schumer.

What’s refreshing about Schumer is her body positivity, and her feminist fuelled sketch’s proves that funny, intelligent women can be sexy. What’s more, she possesses the unique ability to make anyone laugh. And when we mean anyone, we mean Anna Wintour (who knew it’s possible?).

In celebration of Schumer’s Vogue cover debut, she switched roles with Wintour and the result is hilarious. From Schumer attempting to tuck a napkin into the bejewelled necklaces that the Vogue Editor in Chief is renowned for, to Wintour’s mic drop at the end- it’s one video that’s sure to make you laugh!