Busting myths and misconceptions about all-on 4 implants

Misconceptions and myths are constant phrases that are surfacing among people about anything and everything. These misconceptions not only lead to the loss of the services but results in wrong decisions by the people. All-on 4 dental implants are not an exception to misconceptions and myths. The TV advertisements and local ads usually stir confusion among people and pave the way for wrong decisions. And misconceptions can lead to no satisfaction, a waste of time, and spending more money. One common and huge myth that is whirling around is about the all-on 4 costs. Let us bust the myths and misconceptions that prevail among dental patients.

all-on 4 implants

Misconception 1: all-on 4 dentures are ditto of teeth

There is a great deal of difference between teeth and implants. All-on 4 implants function like teeth and are not exactly teeth. These are upper and lower jaw dentures that are supported by usually four implants. This need not be removed and acts like artificial teeth.


Misconception 2: the all-on 4 procedures are new and popularity is because of advertisements

Many might think that the all-on 4 dental procedure is popular only because of repeating ads on the media screens. But that is absurd. All-on 4 procedures are said to be at least 20 years and not just a new fad. Some old dental models support this. With implants like angled implants, the possibility of nerve bundles missing in the lower jaw and extension of teeth has increased. This kind of procedural mistakes with conventional implants has increased the desirability of all-on 4 procedures for effective dental restorations.


Misconception 3: clinics are just more than enough for undergoing dental implants

Ok, that is just a general thought for any dental procedure. Clinics do offer a myriad of services but when it comes to expertise it raises a big question mark. The small clinics won’t have enough equipment and infrastructure to support implant surgeries. And above all clinics are not likely to have an expert dentist with high experience with implants. If you are about to get an all-on 4 implant then implant specialists are your target.


Misconception 4: the clinics advertise this procedure extensively so that many people would get the procedure done

Ok, that is a serious one that has to be answered immediately. Ads on all-on 4 dental implants are usually made for awareness among patients. Every person won’t be compatible with the same procedure and are not advised to take the same for any dental issue. The dentists screen the patients with sets of tests before recommending a procedure. Only a patient is recommended with all-on 4 implants if their health reports, financial capability, anatomical build, and jaw bone quality is compatible. This misconception is a reflection of a few non-specialty clinics using the procedure for advertisements.


Misconception 5: all-on 4 costs are too high and burn a hole in your pocket

This is a common misconception that has taken over the minds of many patients. But this is totally not true. Compared to conventional implants these are more affordable. The cost of the procedure differs based on the plan that you are going for. This is purely based on the anatomy of your jaw. If your jawbone is not viable, bone either will be removed or restored and in some cases, you will need extra implants which tip the price to be a little higher. You can also avail bundles in some specialty clinics that provide optimal prices for the procedure.


Misconception 6: one doesn’t have to brush and floss after getting all-on 4

Brushing and flossing is an absolute no brainer. Even if you are not getting an implant this has to be done to maintain oral hygiene. In the case of implants, only the teeth are fake not the gums. The gums are still susceptible to infection. And developing a gum disease will result in the failure of the implants in extreme cases. It is true that all-on 4 implants need less maintenance but that doesn’t mean that it does not even the basic care of oral hygiene.


Misconception 7: the all on 4 implants are replaceable

Not just all-on four but any implant cannot be replaced. Loss of implant means that the bone around the implant is also damaged and finding a viable part nearby is rare. Sometimes you can get a new implant in place of the old one but it might cost a fortune, much pain, and time. It is better to prevent and maintain the existing implant instead of getting a new one.


Misconception 8: all-on 4 implants doesn’t provide teeth in a day

This is half true and half false. A qualified patient can get teeth in a day. For these patients, the pre procedures will be done on the same implantation.


Bottom line

All-on 4 is an impressive method for the right candidate when performed with a complete understanding of the procedure, it is the duty of the patient to question the doctor and clear any misconception beforehand. If you are choosing an expert dentist you will be clear-headed before planning.