YSL Beauty launches 1st Instagram mag

If social media has become your go-to source for new beauty inspiration, you're not alone. Now, YSL Beauty is taking our scrolling and double tapping obsession to the next level.

YSL Beauty launches first Instagram magazine and it's a total game changer.

They've embraced the platform as a new way for customers to buy their products, meaning they've actually beaten Instagram at it's own game.

The iconic company has introduced the first ever click-to-buy concept as a part of their new and innovative 'Instagram Magazine', called Dare & Stage, that was launched late last month.

Much a like a regular mag, it includes a cover, editor, short stories and contributions from everyone's favourite bloggers, photographers, writers and artists. The Instagram Magazine features two different types of posts: covetable shots of the latest YSL beauty products (le stock) alongside captivating beauty editorials (le flux).

Unlike traditional magazines, readers can instantly interact and respond to posts through hashtags and comments (standard) but can ALSO now instantly shop the featured products = mind blown.

We haven't even touched on the striking visuals yet... the still life imagery and incredible photography is enough of a reason to have us follow them immediately.

YSL Beauty Dare & Stage Instagram Magazine

YSL is once again leading the way and we're pretty sure many other brands in the near future won't be far behind jumping onboard with this game-changing concept.

But with anything that's a first, there's always a few flaws that will have to be smoothed out. Currently, the biggest downside is when you click on the link to go to the purchase page, each item for sale doesn’t open up in a new tab which is an annoying feature we hope they change to make it easier to navigate.

On the other hand, this issue doesn't bother us too much because here in Australia we are unable to shop from the YSL website directly, so hopefully soon it detects what country you're browsing from and reverts to a David Jones link instead, where we can actually purchase the products.

All that aside, this is a huge step forward for brands and the ways in which they use social media – the wide world web is looking like it's going to be harder to keep up with than we thought!

Words: Alex Scoffell

Images: YSL Beauty