YouTuber Fleur De Force has released a makeup line you'll love

YouTubers are taking over the beauty world! Fleur De Force is the latest beauty YouTuber to release her own makeup line. This comes just days after Fleur's collaboration with eyelash company, Eylure.

Fleur is a UK-based vlogger, blogger, and author of The Glam Guide. The blonde beauty's YouTube channel has a following of more than a million! So it is no wonder her makeup line has attracted so much attention!

The makeup line focusses on lip and eye products offering 6 lip glosses and 2 eyeshadow quads. The lip glosses are available in 6 shades and cover every colour you could ever need; from a nude to fuchsia pink. The formula of the lip gloss offers both the pigmentation of a liquid lipstick and the glossy finish of a lip gloss, with a vanilla scent that Fleur insists is her favourite scent for beauty products.


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Along with the lip products, the makeup line features two eyeshadow quads. The first contains four neutral brown shades while the other contains four mauve-toned shades. Each quad contains matte and shimmer shades, making it all you need for a complete eye look! Fleur's makeup line also offers a spacious makeup bag with her signature watercolour-and-stars design, because of course you will need a place to home your new products!

The makeup line is exclusive to online store, which offers affordable shipping to Australia (beauty-lovers rejoice!). The collection will be released September 17. Who else will be counting down the days?

Words: Frances van Eeden