Youtube’s world of beauty

YouTube video bloggers, known to insiders as vloggers, are the new form of 'celebrity'. Beauty fanatics will know if Jaclyn Hill tells you to buy that Chanel foundation, you’re going to splurge your hard earned money and buy that damn foundation!

Recently in Australia, there has been an influx in the popularity of beauty videos on YouTube. The first comprehensive survey into the lucrativeness of the Australian blogging industry has revealed that 70% of bloggers are making money from their websites or YouTube channels. Vloggers and bloggers are becoming more proactive in establishing themselves as a business by affiliating with brands, becoming brand ambassadors and releasing their own products. Yes, that is why you have seen Lauren Curtis on TV holding a Colgate toothbrush next to her sparkling smile!

One thing is evident; Youtubers are leading the way in the beauty industry. Here are our top 7 to watch!

Lauren Curtis
Lauren Curtis is Australia's top beauty vlogger, with more than 3,000,000 devoted subscribers to her channel. Lauren is renowned for her fabulous beauty tutorials that can transform you from drab to totally-fab in a matter of minutes!

Ultra Glam Special Occasion Makeup Tutorial

Chloe Morello
Chloe is another Australian YouTuber whose channel features great makeup tips, tutorials and hauls. However, the reason she has a cult following of more than 1,000,000 followers, is her quirky personality and great sense of humour. Chloe is not afraid to make fun of herself, which make her 'follow me around' lifestyle videos a hoot!

Updated Contouring/Highlight Routine

Beauty Life Michelle
This Australian based YouTube channel is run by the Irish born beauty, Michelle. With over 90,000 subscribers, Michelle is popular for her down-to-earth demeanour and honest opinions. She also always manages to create an enviable flawless base for her makeup looks!

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder Makeup Tutorial

Karissa Pukas
Canadian based but currently living in Australia, Karissa, has a following of over 600,000 subscribers. Karissa’s popularity is due not only to her beauty videos, but also video-style fashion lookbooks. Karissa's no-nonsense attitude and bubbly personality makes for a great watch. Also the owner of her own false lash range, Social Eyes.

Top 10 Hair Products

Shani Grimmond
Brisbane's own vlogger, Shani, is just shy of 500,000 subscribers. Shani is young and full of life. This channel features a range of videos from makeup tutorials to great self-tanning how-to's.

First Impression and One Brand Tutorial

Jaclyn Hill
The woman many consider the Queen of the YouTube beauty community, Jaclyn Hill has a cult following of more than 2,000,000 subscribers, and channel views reaching over 100,000,000! Jaclyn is known for her top video quality and stunning makeup tutorials. She has collaborated with beauty brands, Becca and Morphe Brushes, to create sold-out products. Jaclyn is popular for the sayings ‘blend until you think you can’t blend no more’ (referring to eyeshadow application) and ‘highlight on fleek’.

Birthday Smokey Eye

Kathleen Lights
Watching Kathleen's channel, which has over 1,000,000 followers, is like watching a younger version of J-Lo; with impeccable eye shadow skills and sass to match. This Miami-based channel is a great watch for warm-toned, super shimmery eye looks and honest product reviews.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

An insider’s guide to beauty terminology:
Tutorial: A beauty tutorial is a video 'how-to' that most commonly features step-by-step instructions to achieving a specific makeup look.
Haul: Haul videos feature a collection of newly purchased beauty products. Products are shown and briefly mentioned in the video.
Empties: In the beauty world an 'empties' video features a range of beauty products that have been used up, including opinions on the products.
First Impression: This is the term for a YouTuber's initial opinion whilst using a product for the first time.

Do you have a YouTube beauty favourite that you could share with us?

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Words: Frances van Eeden