Your complete Valentine's Day 2016 beauty checklist

Women hugs man with red nails and lips for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2016 is just around the corner and, if you’re anything like us, you’ve left it to the last minute to prepare! Looking and feeling fabulous on a date is all about the preparation, so we turned to the experts at Australian Skin Clinics to create the ultimate beauty checklist for Valentine’s Day 2016. Ready, set, glow!

Glowing complexion – check!

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a microdermabrasion! For skin that glows this Valentine’s Day, look no further than a microdermabrasion treatment. Not only will it treat bad breakouts, it can also treat sun damage, dry skin, blemish scars and fine lines. Australian Skin Clinics offers a gold standard 9-step microdermabrasion which includes cleanse, exfoliation, AHA/BHA mask, microdermabrasion, extractions, peel (after careful assessment of suitability), nourishment, hydration and protection.

The 45-minute treatment removes the dead outer surface of your skin with light abrasion, unclogging your pores and leaving your skin clear and renewed. It will also improve your skin’s circulation and stimulate its collagen simultaneously.

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Kissable lips – check!

Have the plump pout you’ve always dreamed of this Valentine’s Day 2016 with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can restore and boost volume in naturally thin lips for up to six months, depending on your metabolism and other factors. Results are instant, however it is strongly recommended that you book this treatment five to seven days before your hot Valentine’s date.

Hair free – check!

Remember that time someone rubbed your leg and you realised you forgot to shave? Guilty! Fear no more ladies - laser hair removal treatments can be tailored to eradicate hair from nearly all areas of your face and body fast.

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Whether you want no hair down there, smooth underarms or silky smooth legs, you can be hair free in less than 10 minutes depending on your treatment area! Australian Skin Clinics use only medical-grade laser hair removal equipment by fully trained technicians and any hair colour can be targeted, except for grey, white and white blonde.

Smooth skin – check!

Ensure your skin is silky smooth this Valentine’s Day by using Skinstitut 14% Glycolic Scrub. Apply the scrub to dry skin, and leave for ten minutes before washing off. The Glycolic breaks down the glue that holds dead skin cells together making them fall away easily, revealing softer, smoother skin. Lastly, apply a body cream immediately after your shower to help lock in the moisture on date night!

No matter what your beauty needs, the team at Australian Skin Clinics have a suitable treatment to ensure you stun on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Words: Frances van Eeden