Snapchat enables users to have the first look at NYFW backstage beauty

Snapchat is to the beauty industry what Instagram is to fashion world.

Social media messaging app Snapchat has recently revealed that its users are now viewing 4 billion videos per day. Snapchat allows users to send photos and 10-second videos directly or publicly and has only recently become a popular social media platform.

It’s okay though, if like us, you only have Snapchat to stalk the Kardashians! Snapchat has become a popular medium for celebrities and influential people to engage with their followers on a more personal, casual level.


Snapchat has changed the way beauty lovers are keeping up-to-date with runway beauty looks. Anyone around the world who has access to the Internet can watch front row fashion through Instagram. Now, Snapchat is allowing beauty lovers to visually ‘go backstage’ through the Snapchat accounts of beauty editors and influential bloggers.

Beauty fanatics can watch live snaps of the latest runway beauty looks up-close and before they make an appearance on the runway. Makeup artists can talk through the products and processes they use by combining short snaps into a ‘story’.

Snapchat is also a valuable tool for beauty YouTubers and bloggers to engage with their audience. Street style bloggers often post Instagram photos as a tease to their latest style lookbooks, similarly many beauty YouTubers now feature ‘mail hauls’ where they open PR mail and show products they have received and which they will be testing for review.

With Instagram recently making changes to its direct messaging we wonder what is next for Snapchat.

Words: Frances van Eeden