Why Isn’t Kim Kardashian Smiling Anymore?


Followers of all things Kardashian have noticed a change in photos posted by the selfie-obsessed celebrity. Kim’s cheerful smile is nowhere to be seen. Instead, she is keeping her pearly whites hidden behind pursed lips. Costhetics what’s to know; what’s up with that? Bad oral hygiene? Wine-stained teeth?

The reason Kim has gone from grin to grim, it turns out, isn’t dental, it’s mental.

Kardashian explains that she once loved having her picture taken and her exuberant smile was a natural reflection of the fun she was having. When celebrity watchers and online haters began to mock her figure when she became pregnant, Kardashian found she didn’t have much to smile about. In an August interview published in C Magazine.

“I just didn’t feel like being that girl who was going to be smiling for every photo. It changed my mood; it changed who I was; it changed my personality a lot.” – Kim Kardashian

The experience permanently altered Kim’s perspective on her relationship with the media:

“After I had the baby, I was like, these are the same people that made fun of me, and posted the stories that were so awful, calling me fat for something I couldn’t control. I don’t want to smile for them.”

She’s Got a Big Bottom, But Thin Skin
Kardashian is no stranger to body shaming. She’s been scrutinised and criticised for her love affair with plastic surgery, particularly with regard to butt enhancement. However, after the birth of her first baby with husband Kanye West, Kim was widely criticised for her fashion choices, as well as her weight.

At that time, Kardashian put her wardrobe in the hands of stylists who pushed her post-pregnancy body into outrageous, high fashion garments. The blowback from the media was immediate and extremely negative. She admits that it “probably wasn’t the best time to be experimenting.”

Kardashian was devastated, in part, because she knew that her weight issues were out of her control. During her 2013 pregnancy, she suffered from preeclampsia, which caused her body to bloat even more than it would during pregnancy. It has turned her into an advocate on the issue, calling for understanding and compassion, rather than shaming for women who are troubled by the same problem.

Kim Doesn’t Let Extra Pounds Weigh Her Down
Kardashian has 43 million Instagram followers and a knack for igniting polarising perceptions about women, nudity, and the body beautiful. She has been approached by weight-loss giants like Weight Watchers to become a spokesperson for their products and services. To date, she has declined.

“Kim’s...not interested. A source very close to Kim tells us she actually doesn’t want to be on a timeline or pressured to lose weight, she doesn’t think it’s good for her to worry about.” – The Gossip Table

Karshashian says she is also less interested in being in front of the cameras and more interested in working behind the scenes. She’s got plenty to work on with a clothing line, a beauty line, and a new website:

Image Source: Instagram