Why Alicia Vikander should be your new beauty crush

Written by Jessica Lunan

Alicia Vikander smiling

Alicia Vikander rose to fame for her Academy Award winning appearance in The Danish Girl, and since then the Swedish beauty has set our hearts racing with her bronzed glow and natural allure. Here is why Alicia Vikander will be your new beauty crush.

The Glow

Alicia Vikander obtains an irresistible, healthy glow that has inspired us to drink 2 litters of water a day to (hopefully) recreate it. At least our girl crushes have health benefits.

Barely There

Vikander is all about bronzed skin and neutral makeup, which compared to the Kardashian contoured reign, is a breath of fresh air.

Up Do

She has the ability to rock the messy up-do like no other, and still looks put together.

Down Do

Yet she can flaunt her tousled, loose locks effortlessly.

Bold Lips

Vikander’s ability to pull off a bold lip gives us ultimate #beautygoals.

Cool Girl

Vikander is self-assured in herself and her style choices, which allows her to look effortlessly chic in everything. After all, confidence is the key to exuding natural beauty.