Wear Nothing Launches Spectrum

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The Spectrum Contour Plus is the first Australian-designed machine that sculpts and shapes the body by reducing fat and smoothing out cellulite. It also smooths out fine lines and wrinkles by combining a range of technologies including infrared light, bipolar radio frequency and vacuum/massage.


The Spectrum dual function microdermabrasion machine which uses a controlled vacuum to move sterile microcrystals which abrade the layer of dead skin cells on the skin, effectively renewing skin.

The Spectrum IPL system which is a medical grade IPL machine designed in Australia. It works to rejuvenate skin and is particularly useful if the user has sun damage or vascular issues.

LED light therapy which activates collagen so that it renews itself, resulting in reduced wrinkles.

A combination of these treatments has been coined by Spectrum as 'Notox' – this method reduces wrinkles significantly but still allows for movement and gives skin a more youthful look that will last for years.

Spectrum machines are available in salons throughout Australia. For more information please visit