Upclose with Eden Sassoon

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Meeting her for the first time, she was wearing a cream and navy striped number from Topshop. My first impression was that she was tiny, vibrant and a beautiful bundle of energy.

Vivacious and clear minded, though having only a few hours sleep, she opened her heart and let us into her world, the world of Eden Sassoon.

Creating the first ever Finishing Studio, Eden by Eden Sassoon Finishing Studio in Los Angeles, she has provided women with the value and convenience they need without compromising quality. The studio offers blow-drys with styles, manicures and makeup services, all under one roof.

The revelation came when Eden was feeling overwhelmed, hoping to lift her spirits she went to a blow dry bar in Beverly Hills. It was in that moment that she realised that she was in an awful place, and asked herself, "What am I doing here?"

Eden Sassoon

Looking in the mirror she realised that she is the daughter of Vidal Sassoon and that he had left a legacy and she was given the opportunity to carry it on.

"I am a woman. I love beauty and health, so why don't I create a platform where I can create something the way I see it."

Little did she know, that this was the beginning of an emotional rollercoaster to discover where the one place is that women can go to feel beautiful.

"I wanted to create an environment that was peaceful and relaxed, yet proficient for women who want to look and feel beautiful both inside and out."

She praises her team knowing they are the key elements to her success. Talent and education are important factors but she seems to dig deeper when building the Eden army.

"When we hire staff for our team, we don't just hire on talent. Do they have the sort of heart space that I have, because that is what I represent and they represent me, and I represent my father."

There is a similarity between loving daughters and their fathers, but for Eden, the beat of her heart is to carry on her father's legacy so that he is remembered for what he did and what he created.

"I am building something from a pure place of love. It is my passion."


Often a persons heart is guarded, but Eden opens up about her father and how she felt without a question.

"I truly believe I was born heartbroken. When I was born my family left me in the hospital to go to the The Hamptons. We laugh about it, but it's not okay. So I craved love."

Having recently visited Australia, Eden heads back to the States to work on expanding her empire.

"This is my life and this is what I choose to do."

As she honours her father with her balance and success professionally and personally, she leaves us with her daily saying which is now her tattoo, "This too shall pass."

As a woman of inspiration and down to earth values she offers her wisdom that whether it is negative or positive, it will pass.