Transform with these simple expert tips

The experts, Adriana Solorzano, founder of Brisbane Barre Studio and Natalie Sellars, founder of Kindred Toxin Free Facials share their top tips to transforming your skin and body for summer.

With the change of season comes picnics in the park, road trips to beach-side destinations and longer, warmer days. But it also means that our days of winter indulgences are over, so it’s time to look towards summer with lighter, brighter eats, plenty of exercise and keeping our skin fresh.

Two people who know what it takes to get that pre-Summer glow are Adriana Solorzano of Brisbane Barre Studio and Natalie Sellars from Kindred Toxin Free Facials. We sat down to ask each what their top 5 tips for getting ready for the new season are.

Adriana Solorzano, founder of Brisbane Barre Studio

Do The Hardest Thing First

Adriana Solorzano, founder of Brisbane Barre Studio

Most productivity gurus tell you to knock the hardest thing off your to-do list first. Exercise, especially during the warmer months, is much the same. Get at least 40 minute of activity that gets your heart rate up first thing in the morning before there’s any chance of disruption, procrastination or distraction!

Sweet Dreams (At Least 8 Hours of Them!)

Get the right amount of sleep for you. A tired body will always crave more food - especially the high sugar and high carb kind - during the day to keep it powering along. Try and get a good night’s sleep to help fuel your body through the day and for a better work out.

Eat Seasonally

The warmer months naturally see us opting for lighter and cool foods - think salads and smoothies. Embrace this and treat yourself with delicious fruit and tasty salads. Get creative in the kitchen and prepare foods that encourage a natural glow.

Squats 4 Life

Keep your body lean by always including body-weight training into your movement regime. Squats, lunges and step ups are an easy way to do this and don’t require fancy gym equipment to achieve. Combine a walk by the water with a set of step ups on a park bench, or stop and do a set of 15 jump squats before returning to your walk.

Find What Works For You

Find your healthiest outlet to reduce stress. A highly stressed body and mind will fight harder to make the right choices, which in the long run can work against us maintaining a healthy body and glowing self. Consider what you do each day to move and shake off any stress from the day and think of it as a way to shape up your mood as much as it will shape your body!

Natalie Sellars, founder of Kindred Toxin Free Facials

Switch to Oils

Natalie Sellars, founder of Kindred Toxin Free Facials

If you’re not already, Spring is the time to switch out your heavier moisturisers for oils. It’s important to find the right ones for your skin type. For example, for drier skins look for combinations that include rosehip, macadamia or pomegranate oils. Or if you’re wanting a soothing oil look for Tamanu oil, which is full of anti-inflammatory properties. If oils just are not your thing try looking for a hydrosol-based serum. Erica Brooke has just released her new serum, Emerald Elixir, which is made on a rose hydrosol – it’s incredibly hydrating. If you want a power punch, try a combination of both.

Massage, Massage, Massage

When you apply your oil (or moisturiser) at night, make sure you’re giving your face a nourishing massage for at least 3-5 minutes. This wakes the skin up, helps with lymphatic drainage (this is what makes you look less puffy) and helps you get the blood flow to the surface. It all helps give you that summertime glow. Lisa Eldridge has a super helpful video tutorial on facial massage, too.

Gently Exfoliate

I’m not a big believer in taking to your skin with rough and heavy exfoliators and I tend to focus on lightly exfoliating daily with a bamboo face wash or using an enzyme based mask once a week to lift and dissolve dead skin cells. Your skin goes through enough during summer without having to be damaged with harsh exfoliation!

Keep It Clean

We’re all guilty of a little indulgence during the cooler months so the new season can be as good an excuse as any to switch to cleaner and lighter eating patterns. What you eat and drink can have such a big impact on how much your skin glows. Keep it hydrated and glowing by drinking detoxifying teas, cleansing juices or looking at external detoxes like a clay mask to draw out impurities. Also, drink water! It really is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin in tip top shape.

Treat Yo’ Self

Of course, doing all of this can give you everything you need for that summer glow but sometimes a facial can give you the extra boost you need. If you’re heading to a wedding or special occasion, consider booking in for a facial to get a little extra glow and give your skin some extra oomph.