Tips to Discover your Colour

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Whether you are blonde, or brown, it is recommended you choose colours that are ash based. As for redheads, you too should opt for cooler undertones, as opposed to golden or mahogany.

For people of an African, Asian or Southern European descent, with eyes in all shades of green, blue and brown, brunette colours are most compatible. Generally speaking, you will best suit dark brown hair with hues of copper or mahogany. In order to enhance your natural beauty, you should avoid artificial blonde colours, whether it may be a full tint, or streaks. Instead, request that your hairdresser applies natural, warm shades of brunette colour.

Lastly, for individuals with extremely pale skin and cool blue undertones, who generally have ice blue or grey coloured eyes, your ideal hair colour is medium to dark brown, or black. The rich tones of naturally dark hair will further accentuate your unique look. It is best you avoid lightening the hair at all costs, as it will present awkward red tones. For those who are daring, blue-black will provide a desirable gloss to the hair, further enhancing the colour of your eyes.

No matter what your complexion code, in order to maintain your colour it is vital to do regular treatments on a weekly basis. This helps to maintain sheen, and enhance the natural radiance of your skin. As for the style of your hair, this depends on the shape of your face. For those of you with round-shaped faces, longer hair with bangs can offer shape and fluidity to your look. As for people with smaller, oval shaped faces, a short hairstyle can prevent you from getting lost in your mane, and best illustrates your beauty. So the next time you make the trip to your preferred hairdressing salon, please remember to disregard current hair trends, and instead incorporate a little bit of layering, as it is essential for almost every hairstyle. As for the colour, you should pre-determine your complexion code, so that your next haircut will enhance your natural beauty.

Photography Credits:
Photographer: Brooke Shaw
MUA: Erin Bigg