This Season: Stop and Hair

Texture is here to stay for another season. On the catwalks you will rarely see polished hair at the moment, it's all different and opposite texture combinations. For example have a perfect slicked pony tail but with the tail give it some bend or a flick. With hair there are no rules so feel free to play.


With texture in the hair messier is better, making it look effortless but chic is tricky. The key is prepping the hair. In my Salon, I use L'Oreal Professionnel Full Volume Extra or Volume Lift, it gives you good foundation to build on. Another important key is to have a nice haircut that offers you invisible layering. Giving the hair invisible layering offers you more body and the hair more movement. Colour wise, deepen and add suitable reflect to coincide with your skin tone.

Hair accessories are popping up more! With the right hair accessories you can take a bad hair day and turn it into a great one, whilst still maintaining a strong professional look or a more casual relaxed one, depending on your day's agenda.

From the runways men's hair is currently trending clean, groomed perimeter lines, faded short back and sides with length on top to style. Either gelled slick, quiffed with a little height or natural.
Until next time fashionista's, experiment this season and push your hair boundaries.

Words: Theo Dimitri Sotiriou