More than meets the brows with Aleisha Jane Beauty

Written by Jessica Lunan

Aleisha Jane Beauty will elevate your beauty game this spring.

Our eyebrows have quickly become one of our favourite features. But who can you trust to maintain our most prized possession? Introducing Aleisha Jane Beauty, the experts who will craft the brows of your dreams.

Why, you ask? Because they are praised as an award winning salon famed for their meticulous attention to beautiful brows and super quick Brazilian waxes. Director, Aleisha Jane, has over 19 years experience within the industry. Her passion for sculpting the perfect groomed brow is an art which is precise and highly sought after.

They say that eyebrows can shape a woman, a statement that is paramount when thinking about the shuddering taper-thin trend of the early 2000’s. For the past few year’s bold eyebrows have rocked the beauty world, resulting in phrases like #BrowsOnFleek trickling into our vocabulary.

Aleisha Jane Beauty will elevate your beauty game this spring.

Every face is unique and finding a browtician who can design immaculate eyebrows is now as essential as our morning coffee. Located in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills, there is much more than meets the brow to Aleisha Jane Beauty.

Offering an extensive list of rejuvenating beauty treatments, including pampering face and body services, make-up artistry, therapeutic massages, and state of the art IPL Skin Photo Rejuvenation and BleachBright Teeth Whitening we can guarantee that the award winning beauty boutique has a service for you.

Aleisha Jane Beauty will elevate your beauty game this spring.

With a team of senior trained beauticians who’ve mastered the art of creating plush arches, your brows are in safe hands. The complementary consultation with all eyebrow treatments ensures you’ll obtain the perfect shape that frames your peepers.

If you are sick of continuously filling in your sparse arches day in and day out or find that they always look like step-sisters rather than twins, then the 3D Feather Touch Brow Tattoo is for you. Don’t be frightened by the word tattoo, this technique results in symmetrical, full brows that subtly mimics individual strands for defined, enviable eyebrows.

Do you love the idea of the 3D Feather Touch Brow Tattoo, but you’re not ready to commit? Then henna brow tinting is an option. Rather than traditional tints that last for a week, the henna stains the skin and hair for an ample aesthetic. Lasting for up to 6 weeks, you’ll effortlessly lift your brow game with this simple, pain free procedure.

Aleisha Jane Beauty will elevate your beauty game this spring.

Amongst their list of accolades, Aleisha Jane Beauty also specialises in the fastest Brazilian waxes in Sydney. With a full Brazilian taking just 7 minutes, yes you read that right 7 minutes, you’ll essentially breeze in and out of the salon. Their array of services, as well as Aleisha Jane Beauty’s attention to ensure quality results proves that they’re one salon you must experience.

To book an appointment or to find out more visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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