The ultimate guide to fake tanning for a bronze glow

Written by Jessica Lunan

Tanned model gets out of pool

We all love bronzed skin. It can make you feel healthier, more confident, and reportedly can make you look slimmer. However as we farewell summer, many of us say goodbye to our tanned skin. But fear not; this guide will ensure you have an immaculate, bronzed glow all year round.

1. The golden, or bronzed, rule to a streak-free tan is exfoliating. The Hot Sugar Scrub is the perfect exfoliator pre-tan. The scrubs thermal zeolite’s warms the skin while exfoliation which helps to open pores for a deeper scrub.

Sanctuary Spa, Hot Sugar Scrub

Sanctuary Spa, Hot Sugar Scrub, $19.95.

2. After exfoliating, hydrate your body with a rich moisturiser, such as the Ultra Hydrating Body Cream by Trilogy. The formula will leave your skin super smooth and incredibly hydrated to ensure there are no dry patches for the fake tan to stick to.

Trilogy, Ultra Hydrating Body Cream

Trilogy, Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, $25.95.

Tanning Tip: It is important not to use any beauty products that will leave a residue on your skin right before tanning.

3. Begin applying the fake tan in sections. A general rule is to use 3 pumps of tan per limb, and then adjust the amount if you need to as you go. The Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam is fuss free and dries quickly. Plus the Aloe Vera and coconut fragrance smells just like summer!

Bondi Sands, Self Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands, Self Tanning Foam, $19.95.

4. The fake tan’s success all lies in how the tan is applied. For an even, streak free tan ensure you use the Bondi Sands self-tanning mitt to achieve an even bronze, and lessen your chances of staining your hands. The thought of fake tanning can be a scary, however the Bondi Sands Back Applicator will ensure you have an effortless tan every time, and also means you avoid doing interesting yoga positions to achieve an immaculate result.

Bondi Sands, Application Mitt

Bondi Sands, Application Mitt, $9.95.

 Bondi Sands, Back Applicator Bondi Sands, Back Applicator, $14.95.
Tanning Tip: If you’re planning on sleeping in your fake tan, apply baby powder on top of the tan to ensure that your sheets don’t get stained.

5. To maintain your fauxe glow, make sure to moisturise daily. For a long-lasting tan try the Bondi Sands Liquid Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk. The formula hydrates the skin while creating an extra glow.

Bondi Sands, Gradual Tanning Milk

Bondi Sands, Gradual Tanning Milk, $17.95.