The top tips to keep your beauty collection organised

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As each new season approaches, we have the sudden desire to sort out our lives. Fashion Weekly has provided you with endless tips to clear out your wardrobe and keep it organised, but how often do you tidy up your beauty products?

Whether it be makeup, your cluttered hair tools, fragrances or body products; these genius storage hacks will help keep your beauty-drobe organised.

1. Store your regularly used makeup products in acrylic drawers placed on your vanity.


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2. Divide and conquer! Place dividers in your beauty drawers to section off your makeup into categories.


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3. See more, use more. Store your makeup palettes in stationary organisers.


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4. Use chic mugs or mason jars to store your makeup brushes upright and avoid your brushes shedding hairs or losing shape.


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5. Separate your lipsticks to avoid being overwhelmed by the clutter when picking a shade. A good way to organise your lipsticks is to categorise them by colour or formula.


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6. Present your impressive nail polish collection by mounting the display on the wall.

What are your beauty storage tips and tricks? 

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Words: Frances van Eeden