The secret to naturally younger looking skin

Miranda Kerr with beautiful youthful skin

There are numerous beauty treatments and cosmetic enhancements to make you look younger. But if you are after a natural treatment to looking your best for no cost at all, these are the lifestyle changes you should be making.

1. Sleep more

What happens:

A lack of sleep saps your glow; instantly aging you (think dull skin and puffy eyes). Fatigue causes cortisol, the stress hormone, to rise sharply which can break down the natural collagen in skin.. eek!

What to try:

No more scrolling through social media in bed for hours. Instead, go to bed at a reasonable time, read a book to tire you out and get those eight hours of sleep.

2. Invest in skincare

What happens:

Even in your twenties, it is important to follow a curated skin care routine to ensure you are looking after your face by repairing and protecting your skin. Using peels, potent serums and exfoliants can help boost your complexion from dull to radiant.

What to try:

Put together a skincare routine suited to your skin type. You will need a complete routine form a cleanser, to an exfoliant, to serums and moisturisers. Here's a list of products to kick start your routine.

Alpha-H, Triple Action Cleanser $57.00

Alpha-H, Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream $127.00

Luzern, Micro Exfoliant $74.00

Dr Jart, Radiance Beauty Balm $63.00

3. Meditation

What happens:

Regularly practicing meditation can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and subside depression and anxiety. Stress and hormonal imbalance is a big factor in what your skin looks like, therefore a calmer mind will result in radiant skin.

What to try:

Take a few minutes out of your day to clear your mind and focus on your breathing, letting go of all negative energy.

4. Shape your brows

What happens:

Fuller brows that are well shaped to suit your facial features can take years off the face and enhance your bone structure.

What to try:

Grow out your brows to a point where they are thick enough to be threaded, waxed or plucked professionally to create a shape to match your face. When doing your makeup in the morning, don’t forget about your brows; use a brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas.

5. Diet

What happens:

What you put in your mouth plays a significant role in your skin’s appearance.

What to try:

Numerous foods have been proven to prevent aging, here are a few we have compiled...

Pomegranates - bursting with antioxidants, like Vitamin C, that prevent fine lines, wrinkles and dryness by neutralising the free radicals that weather skin.

Blueberries - much like the antioxidants found in pomegranates, blueberries also contain Vitamin C and E that work in tandem to brighten skin and even out skin tone.

Kale - contains iron which can prevent tiredness and encourage radiant skin.

Avocado - high in healthy fats that help the skin retain moisture in the outer lay to keep it soft, plump and supple

Water- staying hydrated promotes skin circulation.

6. Exercise

What happens:

Moderate amounts of exercise can shave years off your ‘skin’ age. Exercising encourages blood-flow to the skin giving it a healthy, youth-enhancing glow. By exercising regularly you are also slimming down, toning up, improving your posture and keeping your youthful glow!

What to try:

Grab your headphones and play your favourite feel good tunes as you briskly walk or jog around the block.. Even if it's for 15 minutes a day! Get that blood pumping girl.

7. More than just a pretty face

What happens:

When looking for anti-aging solutions - whether it be beauty related or not - often people forget that the skin on your neck is the exact same as the skin on your face! Only it doesn't get as much TLC.

What to try:

Take your facial serums, moisturisers and SPF, and apply it to your décolletage and neck in an upward sweep motion to prevent wrinkles on your neck and repair and protect the skin.

Words: Isla Perrett