The oxygen facial trend you need to try

They say good old O2 really make your skin red-carpet ready.

I have something to admit... I’m a beauty treatment-aholic. Whenever someone tells me there’s a new serum, therapy or treatment on the market to make me look like I’ve definitely been getting my beauty sleep (I haven’t) I’m always first in line.

So when Beauty on Latrobe in Paddington announced they were launching a brand new facial for their 10th birthday celebrations, called the Oxygen Lift, I had to line up to try. Because journalism. Naturally.

I’m told it’s an anti-aging treatment that uses plant-derived stem cells, enzymatic botanicals and oxygen to give your skin an instant lift with no downtime. So much science. Many results.

It’s been called the red-carpet must have because of its ability to make your skin glow, while firming, plumping, and resurfacing. I’m told the Oxygen Lift is perfect for just before a special event, as it leaves your skin looking plump, revitalised and glowing, with noticeably smaller pores. Makeup will apparently glide onto my newly finished skin effortlessly. And who doesn’t love glidey, poreless makeup?

When I first arrive I am told to stick my head in a sort of massive round helmet thing, which turns out to be full of mirrors and terrifyingly honest lighting. This, I am told, is to take several photos of my skin under different lighting states to help my therapist better understand my skin. This way, post facial, they can make recommendations based on any future treatments. Based on what I saw in the magnifying, bright mirrors, I would be entirely happy to never view these photos again.

Then onto the treatment. I’m taken into a very cosy room, where I’m told to disrobe and get under the covers. Yep, the tables here have layers of cosy, warm towels and sheets so you’re essentially getting a facial while tucked up in bed. I may never leave.

First up I’m treated to a gentle facial cleanse with a gel that turns to milk on application. I’m told this will remove impurities from my skin and get it all good and prepped for what’s to come.

The next step is a peel full of enzyme-y goodness to nix the dead skin cells no doubt piled up on my face. It’s a tricksy little formula that goes on as a gel, liquifies, then lifts all the dead skin cells away. I ask my therapist why the gel suddenly feels a little bit gritty and she explains that’s just the dead skin cells. Apparently this treatment causes them to “ball up” and roll away as the treatment is being massaged onto my face. Gross! But excellent!

Then it’s mask time. As it’s gingerly applied to my face, I begin to feel a bubbling tickling sensation. This, I am told, is because the mask bubbles and puffs up like a cloud to infuse my skin with a boost of oxygen for improved circulation, improved nutrient uptake of further products and a flush out of toxins. Once I have a teeny scratch of the bubbles that are bursting with goodness just around my nose (so ticklish!), I begin to bliss out and float away on the literal cloud that is my mask.

They say good old O2 really make your skin red-carpet ready.

Once it’s time to rinse off, my skin is infused with a serum filled with apple stem cells, which, thanks to my fancy mask, is able to penetrate my skin on a deeper level. It’s all for rejuvenation and smoothing fine lines.

I reach up to touch my skin upon the completion of the treatment and I can’t believe my fingertips. Ten years as a beauty writer and I don’t think I remember my skin feeling this soft and bouncy. It feels like my little 13-week-old nephew’s adorable baby tushy.

I look in the mirror and my pores are definitely noticeably smaller, and a couple of the fine lines around my eyes appear slightly filled out. Best of all, my eyes don’t look tired and my skin has lost that “are you sick?” pale quality it had when I walked in.

Originally Beauty on Latrobe in Paddington was introducing this only for their birthday celebrations and leading into Mother’s Day, but it’s become so popular with clients that it’s staying on the menu for good. And thank goodness, because I have an event or two to attend and I’m gonna be needing some of that O2 glow.


Elizabeth Best is a beauty expert and writer with more than a decade of experience working for some of Australia’s most prolific media outlets. She enjoys long romantic walks along the makeup aisle, and fully expects for her profound love of travel and food to bankrupt her one day. You can follow her never-ending obsession with food and makeup on Instagram.