Lazy girl's guide to party season motivation

How to stay motivated during the silly season

Ladies, get ready to kick up your heels because party season is upon us! And you know what that means. Drinks, work Christmas parties, family dinners, barbecues on the beach, and hungover days eating hash browns and watching Christmas movies. Unfortunately, this can be a tough time of year for those of us who aren’t easily motivated to get moving.

So how do we keep up with all the fun and stay driven on the path to #bodygoals? Try some of our tips to keep on track.

Gift yourself new workout gear

A brand new exercise outfit is sometimes all it takes to get you in the mood for a sweat session! You’ll be eager to try out the new gear and you’ll feel like you’ve earned it once you’ve worked out.

Try something new, such as ClassPass

Take advantage of the variety of workouts on offer through ClassPass and try something you’ve always wanted to. That way you’re getting out and exercising, but you’re not stuck in the same boring routine. You could even meet new workout buddies!

Swap rich Nutella shots for healthy, fruity cocktails

By all means, enjoy yourself at the social gatherings that abound at this time of the year. But instead of indulging in rich, sugary treats like Nutella shots and creamy cocktails, get your sweet fix a tad more naturally through the fruity cocktails and drinks without soft drink mixers.

Download your favourite exercise app

Get the best workouts and fitness tips from the app of your choice. The more interested you are in the app and exercises, the more invested you’ll be in your own fitness journey.


Get your #fitspo happening

Dedicate a Pinterest board to fitness, complete with motivational quotes and workout guides. Then jump on Instagram and follow a bunch of fitspo blogs. You’ll be raring to go in no time! It’s even better when the ones blogging are ordinary people who turned their fitness around. It inspires us because we know we can do it too! You don’t have to be a personal trainer to have your dream body.

Give your body a break – a healthy one

It’s totally okay to indulge at one or two Christmas parties. It’s even expected. So don’t get down on yourself, but don’t lose motivation either. In your down time between social events, stick to eating healthily and treating your body like the temple it is. That way the party season won’t affect your #goals as much as you’d think!

Words: Hanna Sloan