The Game Changer | Brown Skin Secrets

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Lyn Ross said that she had suffered from adult acne, scarring and pigmentation and sunspots. After her skin broke down, she felt that it affected her self-confidence, personally and professionally.

Using herself as a case study, researching her own skin type and speaking with focus groups from sub-continental and Asian origins, as well as other nationalities, Lynn learned the specific demands of darker skin and the need for a different skincare approach.

"On a cellular level, darker skin heals and ages differently to other skin types. I wanted to
create a tailored skincare range to accommodate these needs, and it was important that we
offered a natural alternative," she said.

Brown Skin Secrets

Created alongside a team of cosmetic chemists, the Brown Skin Secrets range includes
cleansers, an exfoliant and non-comedogenic moisturisers (which means they won't clog
your pores!). The products include a bevy of refreshing natural ingredients such as aloe vera, liquorice root, chamomile, green tea, soy, rosehip, jojoba oil, manuka honey and Australia's own highly sought after Kakadu plum, the richest source of vitamin C in the world.

Suitable for men and women, and even those with extremely sensitive skin, the line assists in balancing, hydrating, clarifying and brightening darker skin tones, as well as reducing the signs of premature ageing such as surface pigmentation and wrinkles.

The Brown Skin Secrets range is available online at,
shipping worldwide. Products are priced from $24.95, with sample packs available from