The Fashion Weekly team scrub up with Soda & Co


Sugar is mostly a naughty treat when it comes to achieving that elusive summer body. You'll be surprised to find that sugar can be just as delicious on the outside as it is on the inside by serving as an effective yet gentle skin exfoliating ingredient. SODA & Co has harnessed the simple power of sugar in its range of all-natural body scrubs. Combined with vitamins A, C and E, the scrubs help naturally increase elasticity and tone skin while soothing redness, dryness and scarring for a smoother, more even complexion.

 Read on as the Fashion Weekly team put to test the SODA & Co Mint Burst, Orange Splash and Pink Lemonade sugar scrubs.

Stacey O’Keeffe - Editor-in-Chief

Tried: SODA & Co Scrub Orange Splash Sugar Scrub

As soon as I opened the gorgeously packaged jar by SODA & Co, I was welcomed with a zesty and citrusy, orange smelling scrub. It reminded me of sunkissed skin and summer cocktails.

The texture is perfectly balanced, the fragrance isn't overpowering and the rich oils didn't leave my skin too dry or too oily. In fact, my skin was left feeling polished and luxurious.

Liked: A small amount goes a long way.

Disliked: My shower needed to be cleaned afterwards because of the scrubs leftover residue.


Jessica Lunan - Fashion Editor

Tried: SODA & Co Scrub Mint Burst Sugar Scrub

The awakening minty fragrance of the Soda & Co Mint Burst Sugar Scrub is definitely one suitable for the morning. The sugar crystals give a deep, satisfying scrub whilst the minty fragrance leaves you feeling minty-fresh to tackle your day. I usually don’t enjoy the oily feeling after using a scrub, however SODA & Co Mint Burst Sugar Scrub left my skin feeling hydrated and soft.

Liked: The sugar crystals provided really good exfoliation on my skin.

Disliked: Wouldn’t recommend for sensitive skin as it did leave my skin slightly irritated (I might have gotten a big carried away with the scrubbing). I also recommend opening before getting in the shower, as the screw top lid will not budge as soon as your hands are wet.


Frances van Eeden - Beauty Editor

Tried: SODA & Co Scrub Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub

As an avid beauty lover, I have tried a multitude of body scrubs but I’ve never found The One. They are either too messy (yes coffee scrub I am looking at you!), not abrasive enough or too harsh on the skin.

The SODA & Co Pink Lemonade scrub has a pleasantly sweet but fruity scent. I love the texture of the scrub! It has just the right balance of sugary granules and a slightly oily liquid. It provides a really thorough scrub but at the same time it moisturizes your skin. The scrub does leave a slight residue on your skin and while I enjoy this nourishing aspect, some people might not enjoy it.

Liked: The scrub exfoliates your skin really well but doesn’t leave the skin looking and feeling dry after your shower. The sugar formula is much easier to use than a dry scrub.

Disliked: The packaging makes it hard to use the scrub in your shower. I wish someone would create a scrub in more practical packaging, as I find tubs very messy!

Words: Frances van Eeden