The C Word: reduce cellulite and have smooth skin

Here's the latest lifestyle tips and tricks to reducing your pesky cellulite. 

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Let's be honest, no one likes cellulite. It's pesky, persistent and pretty damn good at popping up in the worst possible places. Unless you've been blessed with supermodel-like genes, this is something every girl has (or will) face at some point in their life. We've decided to jump in head first and find out exactly what causes these unsightly issues, how best to combat them, and if all else fails, how to learn to love your cellulite.

What is it?

Impossible medical terms aside, cellulite is essentially the appearance of lumps on the skin, most commonly in the upper thigh region.

How is it caused?

There's a number of factors that can result in cellulite. These include...


Those infuriating little imbalances that ruin everything from our moods to our skin, also tend to make an appearance in the form of cellulite.


Unfortunately, you really did 'get it from your mumma'. Certain, unavoidable, underlying factors such as race, gender and the speed of your metabolism can make you predisposed to the troublesome condition.


Those late night grilled cheeses? Well, they had to end up somewhere. The foods we eat can have a huge role in the development of cellulite. Excessive amounts of fats, carbs and salts are often to blame.


Believe it or not, overly tight clothing can cause cellulite! Clothes that cut in and restrict blood flow can contribute to the formation of the lumps. Baggy clothes FTW!

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What can you do about it?

Unfortunately, as of yet, there is no sure-fire cure for cellulite. Don't fall victim to the endless stream of creams and therapies, they're not going to help. Instead, think about your lifestyle and decide what it is you need to change.

Eat healthy

Cut the fats and excessive carbs, and up the fibre, fruit and vege. It will do wonders.

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Hitting the gym, will of course, go along way in your battle. So, run girl, run!


You read it right, just like how exfoliating creates soft skin, it can also reduce cellulite. Exfoliating, or dry brushing, increases circulation and blood flow to your problem area. Simply use a dry body brush prior to showering and viola!

Stress less

Keep those hormones in check and relax. It will translate from the mind to the skin.

Wear loose clothes

Ditch the skinny jeans and opt for a pair of gypsy pants and some boy leg undies – it will be well worth your worry.

In the mean time, stop stressing! You are your harshest critic. We guarantee that most people won't even notice the tiny little lumps, and besides, you are beautiful, bumps and all.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis