Bubble eyeliner trend will blow your mind

Great, just when we think we've nailed the whole liquid eyeliner thing...

The latest Bubble Eyeliner Trend will blow your mind by YouTuber Jenny Gonzalez.

Out with the plain old cat eye and in with the new bubble eyeliner trend! It's an interesting beauty hack taking the world by storm thanks to YouTuber Jenny Gonzalez.

Thankfully, there's no real need to worry about perfect lines and shaky hands with this new makeup look - phew!

The great part is, it in fact actually looks pretty easy to achieve. Jenny shows us how to create the look by placing the base of her eyeliner lid in a small swatch of liner, and then gently stamps it onto her lid along the lash line. She then fills in the tiny circles with her regular eyeliner brush to create the perfect bubble effect – see for yourself...

Sure, it seems a bit much for an everyday look but this could possibly be cool for festivals or special occasions. It would even be interesting to see other Instagramers and makeup artists show us their own spin by maybe using different colours?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's next in the world of bubble make up!

Words: Alex Scoffell