The blonde spring summer 2016/17 hair trend report

Which blonde are you? Paul Mitchell reveals the season's hottest colour in this Fashion Weekly exclusive Spring Summer 2016/17 hair trend report.

Gwen Stafani Blonde from Paul Mitchell's blonde spring summer 2016 17 hair trend report

The new season, Spring Summer 2016/17 calls for the perfect time to lighten your locks, so we’ve pulled some of our favourite variations from the blonde spectrum to get you inspired for the warmer months ahead. Whether you love bold cool tones or subtle honey hues, these four variations will help you narrow down the right shade of blonde for you.

Gwen Stafani Blonde

Gwen Stafani Blonde from Paul Mitchell's blonde spring summer 2016 17 hair trend report

Vibrant statement blonde is right on trend for summer 2016/17 and who wears the look better than Gwen Stafani, the ultimate blonde bombshell.

Platinum Blonde is a head turning shade on any wearer when the colour is created perfectly. It takes time and of course, a trained professional to be able to create a fresh, clean and vibrant shade of platinum.

It can be worn by women of all ages, but be warned it takes a lot of commitment to maintain. Because the colour is created for a full head, roots begin to show quickly and regular trips to the stylist are needed to ensure the shade remains flawless.

Paul Mitchel Pro Tip: Once you’ve ventured to the lighter side, protect your investment and keep your lightened locks healthy and bright with Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde® products.

California Blonde

California Blonde from Paul Mitchell's blonde spring summer 2016 17 hair trend report

Sunny light locks like those seen on Kate Hudson are the epitome of the true California beach blonde. This pale gold shade is great for those with naturally lighter hair and is perfect for summer.

Paul Mitchel Pro Tip:

Just like platinum blonde this shade requires a generous amount of upkeep and regular salon visits, something to be mindful of before investing the time and money on this level of lightening.

  • A quick visit to the salon for a toner is a great way to freshen your locks between colour visits.
  • The use of professional blonde specific home care products is MUST.
  • Regular treatments such as Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair will help keep your hair in optimal condition throughout summer.
  • When your regrowth starts to show, braid your hair in various styles until your next salon appointment.

Beach Blonde

Beach blonde from Paul Mitchell's blonde spring summer 2016 17 hair trend report

Nothing says summer 2016/17 like blonde beach hair. Texture and natural movement is still a major trend but this summer, why not add in a few sun-kissed natural highlights to accentuate your beach babe hair.

Your stylist can help you achieve this look with a combination of highlight thicknesses and colour tones which will create variation to your overall colour.

If you are after natural look without as much upkeep, then this blonde shade is for you!

Paul Mitchel Pro Tip:

  • Invest in a high quality sea spray like Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray to perfect your “just left the beach” windswept texturised hair .
  • Protect your hair colour during the hair with Paul Mitchell Color Protect Locking Spray.

Beyonce Bronde

Beyonce blonde from Paul Mitchell's blonde spring summer 2016 17 hair trend report

It's without question that Beyonce is one of our favourite IT girls! If we were to name just one reason why we love her, it would have to because she can wear nearly any hair colour! And she is fearless when it comes to experimenting with styles. Her perfect bronde hue is a gorgeous mixture of soft light browns with subtle blonde highlights and is a great blonde variation for those with naturally darker hair.

Paul Mitchel Pro Tip:

  • If you are naturally darker and wanting to lighten up your hair for summer, Bronde is a fantastic shade to opt for. But remember, lightening of any kind takes time, so consult your stylist to create an action plan to lighten your overall colour gradually to maintain your hair health.
  • Invest in a professional reparative shampoo, conditioner and treatment such as Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, Rinse & Mask to extend the lift of your hair colour and repair the health of your hair between salon visits.

Thanks to our friends at Paul Mitchell for sharing this exclusive Spring Summer 2016/17 hair trend report with us.

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