The Big Hair Trends for Spring Summer 2014

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The Low Pony

Banish bad hair days by mastering the fashion ponytail for Spring Summer 2014. Secured low at the nape of the neck, this is a sleek and polished look that's perfect for both work and play. Divide hair into a centre part and use wax or mousse to smooth hair and create a sleek, well-groomed finish.

The Big Hair Trends for Spring Summer 2014

Fuss Free Waves

Big fuss free waves are perfect for summer. Create this look by setting your hair with rags, piping or a straighter to create curls and then brush though with fingers or a bristle brush to leave you with beautiful unstructured waves – think Brigitte Bardot's bombshell look.

The Big Hair Trends for Spring Summer 2014

Pastel Colour

When celebrities start experimenting with hair colour, there's a follow through effect to the salon. Right now the likes of Nicole Richie, Kellie Osborne and Ireland Baldwin are loving pastel pink and purple coloured hair. If you want to try something new for a special occasion or an edgier look, these shades are ideal on bleached/blonde hair as the colour is applied on top and gradually fades as it washes out.

The Big Hair Trends for Spring Summer 2014

Long Locks

Overall blonde, copper and strawberry shimmery highlights look stunning for longer locks. Wear hair in a deep side parting with softly layered lengths and use a conditioning
treatment recommended by your hairdresser to keep hair looking shiny.

The Big Hair Trends for Spring Summer 2014

While catwalks and celebrities can dictate the trends of the season, John believes it's most important to choose a look that suits you.

"Go for a style, cut and colour that works with your face shape, colouring and lifestyle. While I've chopped and finished the tresses of some of the most rich and famous, my clients come from all walks of life and my main goal is to ensure that they leave the salon looking and feeling renewed and fabulous," John said.

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