The Beauty Secret of Turkey

The Dalyan river is beautiful – a stretch of calm waters flanked by reed beds where I was lucky enough to spot a few turtles, backed by picturesque mountain scenery. As we sailed along towards the mud baths, Hus, our guide for the day, explained that the mud contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are beneficial for the skin and overall health.

The first impression of the mud baths is not appealing – a shallow pool of dirty-looking water and the strong "rotten egg" of the sulphur hardly screams good health, but in I went.

The idea is that you bath in the pool, cover yourself from top to toe in the thick mud, then sit in the sun and wait for the mud to dry. The heat from the sun helps your pores to open and the beneficial minerals to be absorbed. You then get to jump in the river to wash the mud off.

This treatment, which can be found in salons around the globe, can have amazing benefits for all sorts of skin problems; eczema and psoriasis being the most obvious, as well as other health complaints such as arthritis.

Thankfully, I wasn't suffering with any particular skin or health problems at the time, but nevertheless, for the rest of the day, and even for a few weeks afterwards, I could definitely feel the difference in my skin – it was soft and smooth and just felt lovely.

If you ever get the chance to indulge in a mud bath, be it in a salon or on a trip to Turkey, I strongly urge you to go for it; you'll love the results.

Oh, and yes, that is me in the photo, covered in mud!