The 8 cardinal beauty sins and how to avoid them

Eliminate these beauty no-nos to keep your look fresh.

Ever since we first cracked open that kiddie eyeshadow palette or started playing with mum’s old lipsticks, we’ve had a passion for makeup. It’s only natural that as we get older and start to build a serious makeup collection, we still experiment. And while there’s nothing wrong with experimenting, there are certain beauty sins to never fall victim to if you want your face to look like #goals.

Not matching your foundation

Remember the girls in high school with darkened faces floating above paler necks? Their uniform collars were permanently stained orange. Maybe that was you! In any case, it’s not a look anyone wants to walk around with. Always try a couple of shades near your jawline to ensure the colour blends into your face and neck. If in doubt, enlist the help of a makeup artist or beauty advisor.

Not blending

Another foundation sin: the dreaded line across the edge of your jaw. Always blend your foundation down below your jaw and onto your neck! It creates a more natural, seamless look. The same goes for contouring and eyeshadow. You can end up looking very stark and harsh if you don’t soften the lines and blend the colours.

Not cleaning fallout

Nobody likes to walk around with sprinkles of eyeshadow under their eyes and on their cheekbones! There are two ways to avoid this. The first is to do your eye makeup before you do the rest of your makeup, including foundation. That way you can simply swipe the eyeshadow fallout off with a makeup wipe before applying the rest of your face. The second way is to use a big, fluffy kabuki brush and swiftly dust the fallout upwards and out away from the eyes and nose. Be gentle though – you don’t want to remove any concealer or blush with it!

Disco ball face

We love to get lit with highlighter, but please avoid being so bright that it’s blinding! Always start with a small amount on the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, and top of the cheekbones. It’s much easier to gradually add more if needed than it is to tone down a face full of shine.

Eliminate these beauty no-nos to keep your look fresh.

Lipstick on teeth

Ladies, blot your lips! This takes away some slickness from your lipstick, which can help to prevent transfer onto your teeth. It also helps it to last longer! If you’re wearing a glossy shade or are just prone to lippie teeth, place two fingers inside your mouth and draw them out straight after application. This pulls the excess lippie off the inner area of your lips without affecting your perfect pout.


It’s very important to understand balance! A good way to ensure you don’t put too much on is to put your makeup on in a well-lit space. Try to have natural light as well as artificial, or at least go outside with a mirror after applying. That way you can ensure everything isn’t looking too heavy. As with highlight, start with a thin layer and slowly build up. This is more natural-looking and less wasteful than squeezing out a big glob of foundation and not needing it all!

Eyelash overkill

We love our falsies. It’s fun to flutter them, they make for killer selfies, and they’re less permanent than eyelash extensions. But don’t overdo it. There are so many styles of false eyelashes out there, and it’s important to get the right kind for your occasion. Brunch date or the office? Go for some subtle lashes that enhance your natural look without looking OTT. If you’re going to dinner or drinks and dancing, you can opt for thicker, fuller lashes to add some drama. Pro tip: avoid multi-coloured feathery lashes so you don’t look like a clown!

Brow drama

Full eyebrows are all the rage and we’re loving it. But an over-pencilled, unblended or too blockish eyebrow can really look too heavy. Keep your brows on fleek by blending carefully, using a powder or pomade the same colour as your hair or one to two shades darker, and not drawing too far beyond your natural brows. Leave the heavily drawn brows for the Disney villains!

Words: Hanna Sloan