The 10 commandments of dating a beauty junkie

Girl puts on lipstick while being kissed by guy

1. Never question why we need “another pink lipstick”.

Unless you want to hear all about the various undertones in lipstick colours and the difference between a matte, cream or liquid formula... Yeah we didn't think so.

2. Accept that all travel plans will include multiple stops at stores like Sephora, Ulta or French pharmacies.

No all makeup is not the same, no we can’t get this back home.

3. We won’t give in, so just join our pamper nights.

Whether we want to share our face masks with you or pluck your eyebrows, you will eventually submit to being well groomed (and you'll be better for it!).

Model with face mask

4. Travelling with hand luggage only is out of the question!

Most countries have restrictions on the amount of liquids you can carry onto the plane, and there is no way we are going to risk losing our stash at the security gates.

5. Buying a product just because our favourite YouTuber recommended it is totally acceptable.

If Jaclyn (yes, we are on first name terms) says we need it then we totally do!

6. Similarly, buying a product solely because of its pretty or unique packaging is a necessity.

We’re building a collection here okay...

Beauty products

7. Never comment about our skincare routine being excessive.

If you do, we will lecture you about the importance of double cleansing, exfoliating, serums, oils and the many more steps.

8. Makeup is an art, and we’d appreciate it if you appreciate it!

Want to make us weak at the knees? Just comment on how even our winged liner is!

9. We can easily spend a whole Sunday holed up in bed watching YouTube tutorials and reading beauty blogs.

Don’t judge our browser history!

10. If we ever move in together, you are taking on our beauty collection too.

Just like you don’t want to part with that weird soccer poster, there is no way we are reducing our beauty stash, and we will require a beauty room.

Words: Frances van Eeden

Words: Frances van Eeden