Tantouring: The art of makeup to get a Kardashian body

Kardashian sisters on boat body contoured with tan

This just in: the latest Kardashian beauty secret has been revealed!

Joyce Bonelli, make-up artist to the sisters and close friend of the family, has finally invited us in to see first-hand how those contoured collar bones and toned tummies we all crave, are carefully crafted.

'Tantouring', or body contouring, is basically the process of applying self-tanner to parts of the face and body to create highlight and definition. This new craze is popular with countless celebs (including the ever stunning Kardashian sisters).

Read on to find out how to achieve this show stopping look from the comfort of your very own bathroom.

Khloe Kardashian body contoured with tan

Step 1: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Ensure you scrub your body so it's smooth, clean of any residue and prepared for the tan.

We suggest: Payot, Gommage Mineral Brown Sugar Body Scrub $78.00

Step 2: Bronze your body.

Before we get to the contouring, start off by tanning your entire body with your favourite self-tanning mousse to get that beautiful, sun-kissed shade.

We recommend: St Tropez, Self Tan Bronzing Mousse $39.95

Step 3: Darken and define.

Next, take a second shade of tan (one that is considerably darker than the one you used for the previous step) and use a foundation brush to outline and accentuate sections of your face and body that you want to stand out.

Focus on your cheekbones, collar bones, decolletage, the bridge of your nose, top of your forehead and shoulders and down either side of your arms and legs - and if you're planning on showing some skin, your abs (or faux abs) too!

We use: St Tropez, Self Tan Dark Mousse $59.95

Step 4: Get that glow.

Finally, use a highlighter to illuminate the cheeks, brows and cleavage and get that gorgeous glow.

We love: Napoleon Perdis, Reflective Refiner Bright Light Highlight Powder $50.00

So there you have it! Use this sexy new trend to slim your silhouette, contour critical parts of your face and we can promise that we will have you feeling camera ready in seconds.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis