Talking #couchspiration with the sisters behind Base Body Babes

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With Instagram being the best place to find photos of fit chicks, fabulous food and brightly coloured smoothies to keep you healthy, #fitspiration has been drumming our mobile phone and computer screens for some time now. When it comes to keeping fit, many of us turn to technological platforms for motivation, inspiration and advice, but few of us are following through with actions to get us fit and healthy.

A significant portion of us are boycotting the workouts and healthy eating, resulting in a worrying new trend coined #couchspiration. We’re all guilty of it – finding inspiring pictures on the internet, but not actually following through to get yourself into better shape or health. Let’s face it, during winter it is going to take more than an image of a toned stomach and great butt to get me to the gym!

Fitness experts and sisters, Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson, famous for Instagram and blog - Base Body Babes, are part of the online movement trying to get Australians inspired and healthier both via exercise and eating well. They have teamed up with Medibank as part of Generation Better to help Australians become fitter, healthier and happier.

Talking #couchspiration with the sisters behind Base Body Babes

We sat down with the fitness experts and social media influencers, to get their insight on the trend of #couchspiration, what motivates them and how they have grown their brand to be successful.

How long have you both been in the industry for and how did you first get involved in it?

Diana: We have been training in the gym for almost 15 years; however it wasn’t until about four years ago when we started our business. After Felicia had her first child, she started to focus on getting her body back into shape by studying to become a Personal Trainer. As I had previously acquired a personal training qualification, together we began running outdoor boot camps for mums, to help them get their bodies back after pregnancy.

You were both recently involved in the largest ever spin class created by Medibank, to help launch the #couchspiration campaign, what made you want to be involved in this project?

Getting involved with Medibank’s largest ever spin class seemed to be a natural extension of what we do, which is encouraging Aussies to get involved and commit to take those first steps towards better health.

What do you think is the prime factor limiting Australians to take on a healthy lifestyle?

We think a lot of people out there just have no idea where to start, but if you focus on small attainable steps, you’re less likely to be overwhelmed. We want people to think with a more positive mindset - every lifestyle change starts with that first step and figuring out what works best for you.

Talking #couchspiration with the sisters behind Base Body Babes

Why do you think today’s society scrolls through all the motivational pictures on social media, but fails to take action?

We think the main thing is a lack of motivation. As sisters we really motivate each other, so ask a friend, family member or partner to help rev you up on days when you aren’t feeling as keen to get exercising.

With the main barrier to working out being motivation, how do you think you can change the behaviours of those not making the effort to exercise?

It’s all about taking small steps that fit into your existing schedule. Consistency is key. A healthy lifestyle isn’t achieved overnight, but you’d be surprised how quickly it becomes routine.

Why do you think that we are obsessed with the social media posts about the latest superfood, colourful smoothies and museli bowls, yet unhealthy food choices are the norm for over 40% of the population? What is stopping us from eating healthier?

We love food. When people see these social media posts of healthy food looking fresh, brightly coloured and beautifully presented, it’s easy to see why people are obsessed! Unhealthy food may seem like the quick and easy option for a lot of people, but it is quite quick and easy to create a healthy meal, adding more beneficial food into your daily diet.

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