Summer Scents

Geranium is a tonic to the nervous system. It helps to dispel anxiety and depression, lift the spirits and reduce stress.

Mint (especially peppermint) helps to cool a relieve anger and hysteria, and is excellent for refreshing a tired mind.

Neroli – the queen of essential oils (and one of my favourites) – is soothing to highly emotional states such as hysteria or shock, eases chronic anxiety, depression and stress, and is said to instill a feeling of euphoria. Tell me, who doesn't want some of that?!

Orange, as we mentioned before, is the scent to spread a little sunshine on gloomy thoughts. It helps to dispel tension and stress, and encourage a positive outlook.

Ylang-ylang is useful to ease feelings of anger and anxiety, and helps to promote feelings of joy.
You can harness the refreshing and uplifting effects of these scents in a number of ways; using them in perfume is, perhaps, the obvious choice. You could also find them in skincare products – even something as simple as a scented lip balm will give positive therapeutic results.

But you know the absolute best way? Get a massage using these scents – you'll not only get the benefits to the mind and spirit, but to your body as well. Plus, the actual action of massage helps to remove any stress and anxiety caught up in your muscles. And it doesn't even need to be by a professional therapist, just ask your partner to give you a relaxing shoulder rub; tell him I said so.

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