Strangest beauty trends for spring summer 16/17

Written by Jessica Lunan

This spring summer 2016/17 you’ll have no excuse to stand out out with these beauty trends.

As they say, fashions fade but style is eternal. And it’s the exact same for our beloved beauty trends. With spring finally upon us it’s the perfect time to experiment with the latest beauty trends for spring summer 2016/2017! This season forget the typical pink lip and bronzy glow that the warmer months have become renowned for, and experiment with the latest, whacky trends.

Featuring glitter, rainbows and layers, here are the latest, strangest beauty trends for you to try, if you’re brave enough!

Sneaky rainbow hair

We’ve all come to love the pastel hair trend that dominated the beauty scene for the past few years. Now, this is one style that you can experiment with if you love the fairy floss toned style, but you’re not brave enough to go full pastel! The hidden rainbow hair trend creates new meaning for regrowth. It comprises of a delicately painted rainbow on your roots, or a full psychedelic spectrum hidden beneath your mane of hair.

100 layers of everything

Just like the highlighter challenge, the 100 layers’ trend has been a popular contest within the YouTube world. It all started with Simply Nailogical’s 100+ nail polish challenge, and has now evolved to 100 coats of foundation, fake tan, liquid lipsticks and even clothes! While this is one trend we won’t be rocking, the videos are strangely addictive.

Multi-masking contour


A video posted by Farah D (@farahdhukai) on

We’ve all seen our fave celebs singing the praises on multi-masking, and now these DIY masks wont only treat your skin, but sculpt it too. Created by the DIY beauty Queen, Farah Dhukai, the yogurt based mask exfoliates the skin giving you a radiant glow, whilst the caffeine ‘contour’ helps to draw out excess water from the skin, creating a subtle chiselled look. If this gives us an excuse to lay off the bronzing, we’ll totally be experimenting with his technique!

Silver fox


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Forget golden hued balayage, grey ombré is the latest hair trend all the ‘it’ girls are coveting. Whether your locks fade straight into silver, or you blend lilac or blue at the tips, you can’t deny that this trend breathes fresh air into our most loved colouring technique.

Get lit


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We can’t deny we love all love a mesmerising glow, and for those who love a bit of shimmer and rainbow this is definitely one for you! Instead of using traditional highlighters that are a few shades lighter than your skin tone, beauty wizzes are now using rainbow hues to recreate the colourful graph that’s created when undertaking a thermal body scan, which showcases the varying temperatures of your body. Get lit in a new way with this mesmerising, psychedelic trend.

Glitter tears


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Forget flower crowns, this summer festival trend is all about glitter! From glitter brows and roots, the trend is now trickling down and featured under the eyes. Plus, it’s the perfect way to update your usual under eye concealer routine.

Rosé season

We can’t deny we love rose gold everything, and now the coppery shade will be featured in our locks this spring summer. The rosey hues will give a modern update to blonde locks, and the shade will compliment your sun kissed glow.

Will you be brave enough to rock these unpredictable beauty trends this season?