Springtime Skincare

Shake the flake, fight the shine

Tis the season of rejuvenation and shedding the signs of flaky winter-skin is the first step towards achieving that fresh complexion. Youthphoria's AHA exfoliating scrub gets the job done with green-tea extract and lactic acid to gently slough away dead skin and excess sebum. As temperatures rise, our skin tends to get oilier, so be sure to cleanse and exfoliate regularly.

Note: this doesn't mean skin needs to be moisturised any less! Opt for a moisturiser with a light formula that won't clog pores. Lastly, stock up on blotting papers and loose powders to dab off excess shine.

Indulge in springtime greens


Set aside the heavy, meaty stews of winter for another year, it's time to take advantage of fresh spring produce. Fresh fruit and greens are two of the best favours you can do for your skin.

Springtime is the season of fresh berries and citrus fruit, all bountiful in Vitamin C which can help increase your collagen and elastin levels. Berries are anti-inflammatory and bursting with powerful anti-oxidants to battle free radical damage. On the veggie front, head to your local farmer's market for some dark leafy greens in season like silverbeet and spinach, both great sources of Vitamin A and C. Hit up Pinterest for some green smoothies that taste as fantastic as they are good for you.

Lastly, in the spirit of all things green and good, ice up your green tea for a more refreshing version of this skin-loving beverage.

Sun-proof yourself

Because there's never an excuse not to wear sunscreen. Whilst spring weather can't always be trusted, you can make sure you're prepped against harmful UV rays whenever the sun decides to strike. Layer your daily facial sunscreen (SPF 15+) on top of a moisturiser containing anti-oxidants to further combat the free radical damage causing premature aging. Youthphoria's Revitex Youth Regenerating Moisturizer does the trick and also contains Monk's Peppery Berry extract with skin-regenerative properties.

Celebrate the beauty of colour

One can't help but associate springtime with ubiquitous colour, so why not look the part with a new makeup look? Sweep a rosy pink blush along the apples of your cheeks for a youthful, healthy sheen. Consider experimenting with bolder, more playful lipsticks in spring shades of berry and blossomy pinks. Even just a brighter shade of nude can do wonders to perk up the face. Glide a nourishing balm like Youthphoria's Restorative Lip Balm on top to keep lips plush, drizzle or shine.