Smith & Cult founders talk beauty industry


Dineh Mohajer and Jeanne Chavez are the master minds behind renowned cult beauty brand, Hard Candy. Now embarking on a new journey, their latest beauty-child is Smith & Cult, and it's gaining worldwide momentum. Inspired by our unrefined thoughts and feelings, Smith & Cult comprises of a collection of mesmerising colours for your nails, lips and eyes.

We sat down with the duo to talk inspirations, becoming the exclusive retail partners to Sephora Australia and how to make it in the beauty industry.

Congratulations on becoming Sephora’s exclusive retail partner! How did this opportunity occur?

JC & DM: We have had a life long obsession with Sephora (as long as they have been in existence)! We actually sold our first company HARD CANDY to Sephora so we have a long history and love affair with Sephora. We could not think of a better retailer in Australia to launch Smith & Cult!

How would you describe Smith & Cult in 3 words?

JC & DM: Imperfect, graceful, and contrary.

How did the idea of creating shades upon your beauty addicted heroine’s diary entries come about?

JC & DM: Makeup and beauty are very emotionally charged and they present themselves in every facet of our life. When we reflect on experiences or moments in our past, whether they be trivial or milestones, beauty always plays a significant role. Our memories are always accompanied and retrieved by what role/phase we are living in our beauty world at that particular time in our life.


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Where do you find your inspirations?

JC & DM: Everywhere. Our inspirations range from music and relationships to travel, architecture and art. The whole point of the diary is that literally all beauty inspirations come directly from experiences in our life, whether they be mundane and routine or life changing and monumental.

You’re renowned for leading the beauty pack, predicting and creating the latest trends. What’s the secret to always being one step ahead?

JC & DM: We inherently embrace beauty and appreciate its ever changing face, but ultimately it’s instinct, you either have it or you don’t!

What’s your go to nail color?

JC & DM: Right now, Darjeeling Darling, a refined forest green. (Dineh) Sugarette; a perfect opaque frosty golden cloud. (Jeanne)

What’s the secret to the perfect at home manicure?

JC & DM: Coconut Oil slathered all over our nails and hands is the secret for beautiful nails! Coconut essence is also in our Lip Lacquer. We are obsessed!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to break into the beauty industry?

JC & DM: First and foremost, make sure it’s something you’re truly passionate about and willing to immerse yourself in. Whether it be a small role contributing to an established brand or creating your own line, both are equally challenging and require a complete dedication to quality and creativity. Work hard and the rewards are endless.

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