Skinstitut Ageless Peel treatment experience & review

An honest review on our experience of the Skinstitut Ageless Peel at Australian Skin Clinics.

Skinstitut Ageless Peel skin treatment review

Facial peels are undeniably becoming more popular. Until recently, the term made me think of that episode in Sex and the City where Samantha Jones has a facial peel which results in red and blistering skin.

I was recently invited to experience Skinstitut’s Ageless Peel from Australian Skin Clinics and I’m happy to report that a facial peel does not necessarily have to result in red skin, which is physically peeling.

The treatment

The Ageless Peel is a medical grade restructuring treatment, which works on the dermal level of the skin – deeper than the surface of your skin - and encourages normalised cell production. The treatment works on a range of skin concerns including signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation, dry skin conditions as well as acne related symptoms.

My skin

While I’m only in my early twenties and ageing is not a major skin concern, I do have sun pigmentation, fine lines and scarring that I would love to see reduced. Another skin concern for me is dull skin and dry patches.

The experience

My treatment was done by the Qld Business Development Manager of Skinstitut, Zoe Devine. The initial consultation was done a month before the peel and included Zoe assessing my skin and asking questions about my routine, diet and lifestyle. These questions would later help Zoe determine how the peel would best work for me.

For optimal results, I was instructed to use Skinstitut’s skincare range prior to- and post treatment, and I would personally recommend their active ingredient products.

My favourite products

Skinstitut Ageless Peel skin treatment and skincare products review

Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist: I will definetely be repurchasing this product! The mist hydrates and brightens the skin but it is the refreshing smell and how invigorated it makes your skin feel that I love the most.

Skinstitut Even Blend Serum: This serum clarifies pigmentation and uneven skin tones.

Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel: An at-home soothing micro exfoliant which is suitable for sensitive skin. It works great to get rid of dead skin cells if you have dry and dehydrated skin.

Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser: This daily gel cleanser exfoliates and refines without dehydrating the skin; great for the Queensland heat and humidity.

The peel step-by-step

1. Firstly the skin is double cleansed to prepare it for the peel.

2. The Skinstitut Peel Accelerator is applied which renews, brightens and smooths the skin while providing antibacterial support and improving hydration.

3. Next the Ageless Peel is applied and massaged into the skin for up to 20 minutes. Due to the intensity of the active ingredients, your beautician will customise the time of the massage to your skin requirements.

Unlike peels that work on the surface on your skin, there is little downtime following the treatment. Right after my peel my skin looked oily and felt tight but it was not overly red and did not look raw at all. The following day however my skin was looking red, bumpy and felt irritated.

Light flaking that looks dusty on the skin is normal the week after the peel however I did not experience too much of this. Three weeks after the peel, the skin is meant to look radiant, glowing, even and clear.

In my personal experience, my skin has had more blemishes in the months following my peel than it did prior to the treatment. It is advised by Skinstitut that you have a minimum of three peels for best results. 

The Skinstitut Ageless Peel retails for $150.00 per treatment and can be booked at Australian Skin Clinics.

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Words: Frances van Eeden