Say hello to the perfect smile with HiSmile

A product review of the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit and Coconut Whitening Mouth Wash.

A product review of the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit and HiSmile Coconut Whitening Mouth Wash.

Hands up if you’re coveting the perfect smile? Thanks to three of my teenage years spent wearing braces (I still cringe at the thought) I am quite happy with my smile, except for the fact that they aren’t pearly white (let’s blame it on the excessive wine coffee drinking).

Being a beauty fanatic I’ve attempted at home teeth whitening before, but always found the potent formulas were too strong for my sensitive teeth. Which is why I was really excited to try the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit and Coconut Whitening Mouth Wash; claiming to be ‘the safest and most advanced teeth whitening product on the market, causing no sensitivity or pain’.

How it works:

1. HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit - Simply attach the mouth tray to the LED light, squeeze the recommended amount of gel from the syringe into the tray and place it in your mouth. The LED light has a 10 minute timer which will beep let you know when to remove the tray. Rinse your mouth and the tray and voila!

What’s included: LED Light, Mouth Tray, 3 Gels, Results Guide.

The kit provides around six to nine applications and it is recommended that you use the gel every day until you have achieved the results you want, then repeat the process on a monthly basis to maintain your results.

2. HiSmile Coconut Whitening Mouth Wash – This natural whitening mouthwash carries health benefits such as improving bad breath and boosting your immune system while encouraging healthy gums and strengthening mouth tissue. To use you simply squeeze a third of the tube into your mouth after brushing your teeth, swirl it around for two minutes then rinse your mouth with warm water.


1. The HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is peroxide free and instead uses Sodium Bicarbonate to gently remove superficial stains from teeth. This means that it won’t damage or weaken the tooth enamel, making this product ideal for anyone like me who deals with sensitive teeth. I also love how convenient the kit is to use – the mouth guard is comfortable and mess-free plus the 10 minute process (indicated with a light timer) makes it super easy to fit the teeth whitening into your everyday routine. Lastly, I didn't experience any uncomfort or stinging on my gums as I have with other teeth whitening brands. 

2. I was pleasantly surprised by HiSmile Coconut Whitening Mouth Wash. I’ve tried ‘oil pulling’ (with a different oil) before and was not a fan, however with the coconut oil there is no bad taste and I strangely love the feeling of swishing the oil through my teeth. I genuinely do feel like it leaves my teeth and gums feeling cleaner and refreshed. Once again the packaging makes the product easy to use.


1. As expected with a product that is not as potent as some other at home teeth whitening kits I did not see an instant vast difference. Therefore you might have to purchase refills and use the kit for two weeks before you see significant results.

2. None.

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Words: Frances van Eeden