Rhys Williams talks Gilded Cage and what's next

Written by Jessica Lunan

We caught up with the creator of Australian makeup brand, Gilded Cage, to talk all things beauty!

Rhys Williams talks Gilded Cage

Rhys Williams was working in the mines in Czech Republic when a close call urged him to change careers and create Australian beauty brand, Gilded Cage. We caught up with Williams to talk beauty trends, starting a cosmetic brand and what the future holds.

You were working in a mine when you experienced the life-changing moment that led to launching your Australian beauty brand, Gilded Cage. Tell us a little bit about this journey?

RW: I was in Czech Republic, in over 50°C heat, 1.2 kilometres underground. I suddenly heard the earth cracking and caving behind the longwall supports, and I thought that I might vanish forever. I’d worked in many underground mines, but that was the first time I thought if something goes wrong, it’d be all over. That’s when I decided to do something more creative. Beauty was a way to channel my interests as a child and has become a career that I can build for the next thirty or forty years. I’ve never looked back.

How would you describe Gilded Cage?

RW: Singular Beauty.

As a recently launched brand, what do you bring to the beauty industry?

RW: Our brand is competing against a universal, one size fits all beauty format. Instead, we focus on charm, wit and the combined elements that make a woman beautiful. Gilded Cage protects, glorifies and highlights natural beauty. There’s so many ways to be beautiful which is why we believe that smooth, commercial beauty is boring.

Gilded Cage currently offers a selection of lipsticks, lip glosses and eye colours – what is your most popular product so far?

RW: Our Revelation long wear cream eyeshadows have recently taken over the sales of our Unleashed lipstick collection. I am incredibly excited about this, because the formula in terms of innovation and technology currently leads the world.

Women are embracing our timeless beyond trend shades and we are receiving great feedback on the unique felt tip applicator. What is most exciting, is that whether you use the applicator, your fingertip or an eyeshadow brush you can create high end, fool proof and lasting smoky eyes in minutes.

Gilded Cag owner talks creating makeup business

What do you predict to be the top beauty trend for the season ahead?

RW: Heavy contouring textures will face more competition from formulations that uses light to define and sculpt a woman’s face.

What is your recipe for success in the beauty world and what are your words of wisdom for others wanting to launch their own brand?

RW: Success takes a lifetime to build, it rarely happens overnight. My approach is that you build success every day through your actions. Success is often a painful, exhausting road that asks you to make many sacrifices along the way. In terms of advice, if you don’t love what you do, or believe in it then it’s time to find a new career.

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Are you working on anything exciting in the near future?

RW: We have several exciting new formulations that will enter the market over the next three years. In some cases, there will be new additions to our existing collection, and completely new categories. We are also looking into creating fragrances when the time is right. It is always in the timing when you are building a brand.

For the ultimate pieces for your makeup collection, be sure to visit the Gilded Cage website. To keep up to date with everything Gilded Cage, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.