Review: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Trio


Summer is a great time, right? Summer brings longer days and fun times spent at the beach. Summer ALSO means hot weather... and humidity. Where are my frizzy-haired girls at? I know you feel my pain when it comes to humidity and unruly hair, which is why I was really excited to test out the Paul Mitchell smoothing range.

The smoothing trio that I tried consists of the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Shampoo $23.90, Super Skinny Daily Treatment $24.90 and the Super Skinny Serum $27.95. This range is created to smooth, soften and protect the hair. The Daily Treatment contains heat activated conditioners and thermal protectants, making it the ideal product if you are frequently using heat tools. The serum also contains a unique humidity resistant resin to smooth the hair.


What I love:

The first thing I love about these products is the smell; the shampoo smells like a field of crisp green apples – mmm!

The conditioner works really well to hydrate and smooth your strands. Hot tip: Remember to always apply conditioner from the mid-length of your hair and avoid your scalp so as not to weigh your hair down.

My favourite product from this trio is without a doubt the hair serum. I apply this product after blow-drying my hair to seal the ends and smooth flyaway’s. It is not at all heavy, which means it provides smoothing properties without making your hair look oily or weighed-down.

What I don’t love:

Sadly, I found shampoo is not quite suited to my hair. As much as my split ends need smoothing, my scalp needs a thorough cleanse. Although I always make sure to double cleanse with shampoo, I feel like this product does not clean my hair properly. Right after blow-drying my hair it looked oily again, with no bounce or volume at the roots.

Overall, I think the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny range is great! However if you tend to get oily at the roots, give the shampoo a miss. The Daily Treatment and Super Skinny Serum are definitely worth a try. I totally believe in mixing products from various ranges to best suit your hair. Try a clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse your scalp, combined with the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment to smooth through the length of your hair.

Words: Frances van Eeden