Release the Powerful Diva Within

There are a few rules in relation to matching your hair to your frock, the most basic is, opposites! If you have a textured gown that has movement it's best to keep things simple and more polished. Fashion options that are fitted and body hugging are best suited with hair that oozes texture and movement.


Don't get me wrong there are always rule breakers, this is just a starting point to get you playing and experimenting with your hair. If you're dressing to impress on a professional level then it is best to keep it formal and sophisticated to show people you mean business.

When it comes to colour, gone are the days of platinum blonde. The blonde you'll find during the upcoming cooler seasons are more sexy warm soft honey tones, are you in fashion or is a trip to Theo Dimitri Hair in order?

Honey tones are gorgeous and a lot more flattering for most skin types. Don't get honey natural beige confused with yellow, as there is a difference, so tread carefully.

If you have been thinking of a change, this month is the time to liberate and free yourself. Cut a fringe, change your reflect, be bold, it's hair and it is there to be played with. Remember weekly treatments are important and now that you know hair is your strongest accessory the opportunities are endless, so work it.