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Braids Away!

As seen on the runways and celebrities around the globe, braids are still an ongoing trend this season, and are likely to continue into the New Year. The middle braid and side braid will be especially popular, and are likely to be derived from the punk trend.

Punk Rock

The 80's punk movement is still influencing looks, in particular shorter haircuts and undercuts. However, this can be created with clever styling on longer hair molded into mohawk shapes.

Fringe Benefits


Fringes are also making a comeback this Spring/Summer. Long, full and piecey fringes are being worn by celebrities, whilst short, pixie fringes are being paraded on the catwalks.


Most celebrities will be keeping their long hair this season, with long layers being a huge hit for a simple classic look, and with soft waves and messy curls emphasising the layering.


The dip-dye trend will still be prominent this season, but with more vibrant and extreme colours! Think block colours with two-inch regrowth, and bright, vibrant pinks and greens.

Soft pastels and bright colours will be used together. So think purple with mauve, magenta with baby pink and mint gree with aqua, creating a striking effect.

Blondes are always a huge trend every spring/summer with this season focusing on all over sophisticated platinum blondes. Natural blondes are slowing becoming a recessive gene therefore brunettes will be looking for more honey and caramel blonde tones.

So why not visit the Mieka team or you favourite hair salon and give your tresses an on-trend makeover!