Quick morning makeup tutorial for a natural look

Getting yourself ready for the day can be a little daunting with the thousands of beauty products out there on the market, you might be thinking 'where do I begin'? There are so many steps to think of when you are getting ready in the morning, but you no longer have to stress over beauty because Fashion Weekly's beauty editor, Frances, is here to help. This easy to follow, 8-step video helps you achieve a full face makeup that will have you out the door in less than 5 minutes.

A great base is always key to a natural everyday look. That doesn't mean you have to pack your face in thick layers of foundation. A mineral powder is a more natural and less heavy alternative to liquid foundation which is easily applied by a simple blend of the brush. Don't blow your budget on expensive beauty items, you'll find that most products are multipurpose and can be reinvented into a completely new product! Bronzers and blushes can even be used as eyeshadows, making your daily beauty routine that much quicker and easier. This easy, go-to makeup look will have you ready to face the day in no time, watch the video for some tips and tricks!

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Words: Ashlee McIvor