Pretty pressure in the fashion industry


Women are often expected to be multi-tasking wonders; take care of your home and family, work hard and don’t forget to look great as you do it!

It is a well-known stereotype that females can be judgmental, with movies like Mean Girls, Clueless and the latest hit Scream Queen’s to thank. Too many women are resenting others for what they achieved.

Looks and appearances increasingly matter in the workplace, particularly if you are a female looking to succeed. The promise of gender equality seems closer than ever but the question remains whether this pressure is placed on women by men or whether we are placing it on ourselves.

Former Miss World Australia, Courtney Thorpe, has put aside her interests in the fashion and beauty industry to pursue a career in law. When asked about the pressure of shifting to a male-dominant industry, Thorpe told Fashion Weekly that it wasn’t what she expected.

“I thought stereotypically that working as a woman in a male dominant environment would cause a lot of pressure,” said Thorpe.

Although working with predominantly men is a different experience for Thorpe, she explains why she prefers it, “Working in fashion, as much as I would love to say that women support each other and in some instances we do, women can be judgemental and catty. I felt more pressure having to prove myself in a group of women.”

The various forms of media that are consumed daily have led women to believe that in order to look good, they have to fit a certain mold. Sure it makes sense that looking your best has a positive effect on your self-confidence but real confidence comes from finding and embracing who you are.

“Once you know who you are and how you want to be perceived, everything seems a lot clearer and you will be more confident,” says Thorpe.

The former Miss World Australia recommends not getting too caught up in fashion and beauty trends. Instead work to perfect your personal style and you will find you are no longer comparing yourself to others.

Ladies, the time has come for us to build each other up! You can admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.

Words: Frances van Eeden